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M.E.A.L. Rewards

M.E.A.L. incentivized pools are paired token liquidity pools which give rewards and allow users to swap tokens.
M.E.A.L. (Multi Earning Assets Liquidity) are paired token pools which give one or more tokens as rewards.
They are not classic Liquidity Pools. M.E.A.L rewards incentivize Liquidity Providers by rewarding them with daily prizes.
Projects can add M.E.A.L rewards to their liquidity pools in the Projects Account section.
M.E.A.L. Pools example: text and numbers are intended as placeholders

Providing Liquidity

Users can provide liquidity to gain M.E.A.L. rewards based on their pool share. It's worth noting that by providing the token pair, users contribute to the total liquidity of the specific pool.
Example: A user provide the liquidity of 1,000 WAX and 3,000 TLM in the WAX/TLM M.E.A.L, holding 20% share of the pool. This pool has a 100 TLM in rewards per day based on their pool share. The user is rewarded with 20 TLM per day. Furthermore, liquidity is added to the pool, allowing other users to swap WAX/TLM.
Users are able to withdraw their tokens anytime, with no added fees.
Providing liquidity has risks to be aware of. The main risk of using Liquidity Pools is Impermanent Loss.

Rewards & Pool Set Up

Rewards are distributed to the user's Account Balance every 24 hours.
All users will be able to claim their rewards and automatically send them to their WAX wallet.
The rewards for a given token pair are set up by the projects that want to be featured in the M.E.A.L. pools. They must indicate:
  • Amount of tokens to distribute daily
  • Total amount of the pool
Projects can change the pool parameters and send tokens to refill the pool anytime.
Based on this information, each M.E.A.L. rewarded pool will show also this information:
  • APR
  • Number of days until the pool rewards expire
Any project account can enable and set up rewards.
Once the distribution is enabled, the account is able to add and remove rewards as often as required, specifying the exact amount of the rewards for each drop.

How to Set Up M.E.A.L. Rewards

This feature is only for projects, get to know more on the Projects Account section
  • Go to the projects dashboard https://swap.tacocrypto.io/settings/meal
  • Login with the account which own the token/s
  • Once logged in, you will be able to see the Liquidity Pools linked to your token/s. If you don't see them there are two possibilities: 1) There are no existing Liquidity Pools with your tokens and you have to create one here https://swap.tacocrypto.io/liquidity 2) The account is not linked to the token/s
  • Choose one of the existing Liquidity Pools and click on Manage Rewards
  • Click on +Add Reward and select the total amount of tokens you plan to give as reward
  • Click on Manage, insert the daily amount of tokens you want to give as reward and Save. Now the M.E.A.L. rewards are live and visible. In this panel you will also be able to deposit token/s again
  • Click on Manage to edit rewards anytime

Multiple Rewards

Each Liquidity Pool can be associated with more than one M.E.A.L. reward. Multiple rewards can be set by project owners and representatives on their Projects Account dashboard.
During the first stages, only the token's contract owner is able to set up the reward.
Example: TLM/NEFTY Pool. Project owners at Alien Worlds (TLM) can set TLM or other of their tokens as rewards. But also NeftyBlocks (NEFTY) can set NEFTY or others of their tokens as rewards.
Every week, the top 3 pools S.A.L.S.A. pools are rewarded with a 100 TACO per day bonus for their connected M.E.A.L.

Advertising for Web3 Projects

M.E.A.L. rewards are a fantastic opportunity to advertise your Web3 projects.
By distributing M.E.A.L. rewards, projects allow more and more users to earn their tokens by staking and get to know their ecosystem.
M.E.A.L. rewards are also a great way to stabilize tokens in addition to rewarding users.