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Taco Intro

The tastiest Web3 NFT project on WAX
In this Whitepaper you can find everything you need to know about Taco.
Taco is a multi-purpose NFT and FT based project living on the WAX blockchain. Our aim is to integrate three core concepts: Gaming, DeFi & Utility, providing token stability, quality, and an outstanding experience throughout all existing blockchain projects.
🎮 Gaming
↔️ DeFi
📱 Utility
Our Gaming platform, the Taco Universe, is a game itself and contains other fun games inside such as Acryptia! It's also comprised of Venues, Extractors, Collectors and a fully functional Android and iOS Testflight App.
Taco Swap is the first community exchange on WAX. It allows you to trade tokens with the lowest market fees, earn with incentivized pool rewards, and advertise your Web3 project.
Taco Utility App is the first app on WAX which allows users to track and swap tokens, trade NFTs, manage multiple accounts, and interact with other WAX dApps. Download on Play Store or App Store.

Want to know more?

In the following pages you will find everything there is to know about Taco Gaming, DeFi and Utility. But first, you'd better give our Manifesto a read!
Latest Whitepaper Update, March 27th 2023, 13:30 UTC: - New Venue Service: Venue Logo
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