Taco Swap Intro

The first community exchange on WAX which allows users to trade and earn in a safe and fun space.

Taco Swap allows you to trade WAX tokens with the lowest market fees, earn with incentivized pool rewards and advertise your Web3 project.

⚖️ Swap

Instantly trade all your WAX tokens with a convenient and accessible interface.

Lowest fees

Taco Swap is a user-oriented, decentralized exchange on the WAX blockchain, allowing all users to swap their tokens with low market fees based on their TACO staked.


Swap directly from your wallet. Unlike other exchanges, Taco Swap does not hold funds during trades: users have full ownership of their tokens.


All our Smart Contracts data are public to read for complete transparency from the most used block explores in WAX blockchain.

💰 Earn

Earn TACO and other WAX tokens through our incentivized liquidity pools.


S.A.L.S.A. reward pools (Single Asset Liquidity Staked Alone) are pools which allow users to gain rewards by staking a single token.


M.E.A.L. reward pools (Multi Earning Assets Liquidity) are paired token pools which give one or more tokens as rewards.

Taco Swap Account

All liquidity pool rewards will be sent to the user's Taco Swap Account. When withdrawn, accrued tokens will be transferred to the user's WAX wallet.

📢 Advertising Projects

Taco Swap is the greatest platform for promoting your Web3 project.

Tailored for Projects

Taco Swap is a community exchange. Projects will not only pay lower fees, but also have their own dashboard to create liquidity pools, view analytics, and get adv banners.

Incentivized Liquidity Pools

S.A.L.S.A and M.E.A.L. pools are the best way to promote projects. Reward your community whilst stabilizing your tokens. The largest pools also get extra TACO rewards every week.

Taco Ads

Taco is already a Top 10 game on WAX and Top 30 across all blockchains by users. With Taco Ads banners, projects can maximize their audience not only on Taco Swap, but on all of our platforms.

Safety and Transparency

We pay the utmost attention to create a secure, transparent and decentralized platform for all our users.

Taco Swap Smart Contract

Taco is a WAX partner

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